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Nowadays, we often get the distinct impression that everything we’ve worked for our entire lives might just vanish into thin air in a matter of seconds, as we become the misfortunate victims of a team of burglars operating in our neighborhood. With so many burglary attempts taking place these days, such a scenario doesn’t seem improbable. On the other hand, according to Chelmsford locksmith, there is still hope for us as the final battle with criminals isn’t lost. We still have the chance to re-secure our property in a highly effective, cost-efficient manner. Follow the three main steps explained below to burglar-proof your entire home, with help from Chelmsford locksmith, in order to prevent major safety risks and property damage.


Step one: Check your locks and invest in a security upgrade if needed

Competent Chelmsford locksmith, hired by a respectable company, like AA Locksmith, for instance, will always tell you that great locking systems are your number one ally, your primary source of protection, far more important than any type of alarm security system. This is why you have to make sure you buy the right products, launched on the market by reputable manufacturing companies genuinely concerned about your safety. When in doubt, contact a specialist. He will tell you that you have to

Replace worn locks with new ones
• Buy high-security locks, if you can afford them (high-security locks are the best option currently available on the market)
• Install deadbolt locks, even though you might already have common spring locks (you should know that breaking a spring lock is a child’s play for most burglars)
• Purchase high-quality locks which are bump-proof, drill-proof, pick-proof and snap proof

Step two: Handle those hinges in a proper manner, to avoid safety risks

Do you think that a burglar could easily remove the hinge pins to open your front door? In this case, be prepared to implement some much-needed changes. Call Chelmsford locksmith, he will offer you the expert guidance and the support you need to reinstall those troubling hinges on the inside of your front door, for extra protection and minimized risks.

Step three: Make sure you eliminate all gaps between the door and the door frame

Imagine the smile on a burglar’s face when he notices a small gap between a door and its door frame. For a skilled villain, this is a gift sent from above. With just a little patience, a jimmy stick or any other tools, an experienced burglar can break into your home.

Step four: Count on durable strike plates installed by Chelmsford locksmith

According to Chelmsford locksmith, there are various ways in which you can protect your home. Most of the upgrades you should be willing to make target your door. Durable strike plates work in your favor, turning your old door into a highly effective burglar-proof shield against powerful kicks.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on costly security solutions to feel safe and comfortable in your own home. Contact AA Locksmith, a respectable company hiring the best Chelmsford locksmith, to make the most of top quality residential, commercial and automotive locksmith services tailored to your needs and budget.

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